About the author

Jody Cooksley is a writer and journalist with a love of great stories.

How to Keep Well in Wartime, launched in September 2022, is Jody’s second published novel. Her first, The Glass House, is a fictional account of the life of C19th pioneer photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron, which launched in 2020.

Jody recently finished a third novel, also set in the Victorian period. The C19th is her favourite period of history, as its fast paced industrial change and examination of the self so closely mirrors our own technologically changing society and subsequent re-telling of what it means to be human. She has a Masters in Victorian poetics.

Emails from readers and book clubs are always welcome at jody@jrcbooks.co.uk. She’s happy to join book clubs, in person if possible or online. She’s also happy to give talks on any of her books and the context of history around them and she often travels to give readings.

Jody works in communications and lives in Surrey with her wonderful, patient family, two giant cats and a dangerous mountain of books. She’s currently working hard to finish a fourth, contemporary novel set in Norfolk where she grew up.